Kansas Care Home Choices

Consumers have expressed interest in learning more about the quality of care provided in their extended area. Kansas Advocates has a new publication, Kansas Care Home Choices, which provides selected information alphabetically by county.

Each care home summary includes:

  • Current facility name, address and phone number
  • Most recent available inspection date and number of deficiencies
  • Medicaid reimbursement rate (for nursing facilities only)
  • Occupancy rate for nursing and assisted living facilities
  • Availability of a special care unit for those with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia

KABC frequently updates the information. The revised versions will be printed approximately every 6 months. The cost for this publication is $45.00. This new publication is a companion to our Consumer’s Guide to Kansas Adult Care Homes, which describes how to select a good nursing home.

Also, more extensive information is available for each care home with Consumer Information Reports (CIR). The data included on CIR’s is updated monthly.

Call KABC toll-free to order: 800-525-1782, or use the order form.