On September 23rd, KABC’s director Margaret Farley provided testimony to the KanCare Oversight Committee.  This addresses many critical points including:

  • Nurse aide training across all settings in long term care is consistent and reflects the needs of vulnerable residents
  • Better training, benefits and career paths for those who choose a profession in nursing
  • A minimum of 4.13 hours of care per resident per day
  • State-only licensed facilities abide by stronger federal regulations and surveys which protect the health, safety, rights, and welfare of residents
  • Support next session for HB 2004 restoring equality of appeal rights of residents in nursing facilities and assisted living type facilities
  • Adequate resources for all state inspections of care homes, especially to address the present 24-month survey interval for assisted living type facilities which puts residents at risk

Read KABC Testimony for KanCare Oversight 9.23.21 here.