The 2023 Kansas legislative session came to a close Friday, April 29, one day shy of its statutorily allowed 90-day schedule. The legislature returned the last week of April after a short break. Budget conference committees met Monday and Tuesday to negotiate the last of the appropriation item. The full legislature reconvened Wednesday, spending the rest of the week debating conference committee reports, 19 attempts to override the governor’s vetos and passing the final State budget. The week was marked with contentious floor debates as the legislature overrode 9 of Gov. Kelly’s vetoes, sustaining 10, and hotly debating the decisions of conference committees.

Not only did they adjourn the regular session, but they also adjourned sine die, meaning the regular session is over. Generally, both chambers will return several weeks after adjournment giving the governor an opportunity to act on the remaining legislation passed during the veto session. Unless a special session is called, the Kansas Legislature will not convene again until January 9, 2024.

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